This is the showcase of Frankfurt based Researcher, Designer & Speaker Enes Ünal, currently working at candylabs.

Enes delivered meaningful design solutions across various industries. For big & small clients, including names like Bomag Deutsche Bank Daimler Entega Jägermeister KfW Napster Mazda Microsoft O2 Samsung Savencia Telekom Vodafone

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This is Enes
"I'm helping companies make complex products accessible to everyone. In the process, building a user-centered design culture from within."

I work on open innovation
Open Innovation is the targeted opening of the innovation process to the outside and empowering externals to contribute to a known innovation challenge.
• Hackathon Coaching
• Crowdsourcing
• Competition Challenge

I work on user-centered innovation
User-Centered Innovation develops solutions to problems by involving the human perspective, throughout the product & service design process.
• UX Research
• UX Concept Development
• UX Prototyping & Testing

I work on expert-driven innovation
Expert-Driven Innovation helps to reframe, imagine, or combine different perspectives in order to optimize a design solution. 
• Impulse Keynote
• Creativity Workshop
• Expert Review (ISO)
• Jobs-to-be-Done

Keynote References
"I've been speaking for a while and landed some big-name stages. I speak on topics related to user-centered design, design leadership and storytelling. Thanks for having me!"

since Oct 2017 | h_da

Keynote: Regular lectures, seminars and practicals about usability testing and storytelling

since Feb 2018 | IxDA Frankfurt

Moderation: Co-hosting the Frankfurt chapter of IxDA Interaction Design Association

08.06.2017 | IA Konferenz

Keynote: Virtual Prototyping – Über Markttests der anderen Art

09.10.2017 | Zühlke UX Meetup

Keynote: UX Storytelling – Erzählen im digitalen Zeitalter

30.05.2017 | webinale

Keynote: Narrative Interaction Design – Wie heldenhafte Erlebnisse entstehen

02.03.2017 | webinale 10th anniversary

Keynote: What hollywood can teach us about creating narrative experiences

06.10.2016 | UX Congress

Keynote: Narrative Interaction Design – Wie heldenhafte Erlebnisse entstehen