This is the showcase of Frankfurt based Experience Designer & Strategist Enes Ünal, currently working at candylabs.

In a nutshell...
Enes is a researcher, designer & keynote speaker focusing on user centered design and storytelling. Besides this, he co-hosts the IxDA Frankfurt and holds a teaching position at the h_da Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.


Storytelling Keynote
Stories tap into our emotions. Get the idea of how storyelling can be applied to create meaningful user experiences.
Coming soon

Storytelling Workshop
Let's improve the longevity factor of your product by finding hidden emotional gems in a one-day workshop.
Coming soon

Open Innovation
Open Innovation is the targeted opening of the innovation process to the outside and empowering externals to contribute to a known innovation challenge.
1. Hackathon Coaching
2. Crowdsourcing
3. Competition Challenge

User-Centered Innovation
User-Centered Innovation develops solutions to problems by involving the human perspective, throughout the product & service design process.
1. UX Research
2. UX Concept Development
3. UX Prototyping & Testing

Expert-Driven Innovation
Expert-Driven Innovation helps to reframe, imagine, or combine different perspectives in order to optimize a design solution. 
1. Impulse Keynote
2. Creativity Workshop
3. Expert Review (ISO)
4. Jobs-to-be-Done

since '17 | h_da | Darmstadt
Regular lectures and workshops about usability testing and storytelling

08.06.18 | IA Konferenz | Berlin
Virtual Prototyping – Über Markttests der anderen Art

09.10.17 | Zühlke UX Meetup | Frankfurt
UX Storytelling – Erzählen im digitalen Zeitalter

30.05.17 | webinale | Berlin
Narrative Interaction Design – wie heldenhafte Erlebnisse entstehen

02.03.17 | webinale | Berlin
What hollywood can teach us about creating narrative experiences

06.10.16 | UX Congress | Frankfurt
Narrative Interaction Design – wie heldenhafte Erlebnisse entstehen