Enes Ünal delivered meaningful design solutions across various industries.

For big & small clients, including names like Bomag, Deutsche Bank, Daimler, Entega, Jägermeister, KfW, Napster, Mazda, Microsoft, O2, Samsung & Vodafone.

Enes studied Interactive Media Design (Bachelor) and Creative Leadership (Master) at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences in Germany & Cork Institute of Technology in Ireland. Since Dec 2014, he leads the Experience Design department at candylabs in Frankfurt. Besides this, Enes is an active keynote speaker within the topics of user experience design, storytelling and future systems. He’s also holding a teaching position at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.

Psst... ENES is pronounced "æn-æz".

Personal Facts

years of building expertise.

Design is a field that changes from one day to the next. Enes puts his hands in a running river, and keeps his knowledge always up-to-date.

Days to a prototype.

For most projects, Enes completed a full design cycle & started testing with users on a prototype level within one month.

happy clients and partners.

From many industrial sectors, such as automotive, aviation, engineering, finance, insurance, transportation etc.

of an iceberg is hidden.

Taking this as his leitmotif, Enes explores deep below the surface. Because a new era in computing requires a new way of thinking.