Interaction Design Kit: Use storytelling to create user experience concepts that will touch audiences and keep them coming back for more

The Interaction Design Kit is a storytelling method for user experience designers who want to create narrative user journeys.

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When you think of the Evernote app, does the image of the “Magician” come to mind? Does the blog app Medium conjure up the “Explorer”? Are there similarities between Tinder and the “Lover”? If the way we design interactions are right and archetype-based, these characters can spring to the mind as part of the identification of an interactive product.

Interactive media systems have their own personality. Today there are no tools available to interaction designers that are tailored to help them design an application’s character. The Interaction Design Kit is a practical, repeatable approach to arriving at character-based interaction concepts for interactive products. It consists of a poster as a work surface and method cards with character discriptions.

There are two theories that this Kit builds on:

1. The concept of "Archetypes" introduced by psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung (today, those archetypes are used in many contexts, e.g. in marketing to create brand personalities).

2. Christopher Vogler’s "Hero’s Journey" based on Campbell’s observation (today, many hollywood screenwriters successfully used and still use it as their guide to tell their stories).

The idea is simple: Designers map out the experience and use cases based on the hero’s journey, different archetypes will go through as interaction partners. This Kit takes a novel approach by combining these two elements into an analogue storytelling framework for designers. It helps them keep the users’ needs and intentions at the center of their product development process and design authentic dialog partners.




In recognition, I've been also invited to share this approach with organizations worldwide, including names like
d.lab Deutsche Bahn Digital Factory Deutsche Bank DERTOUR h_da Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences neugelb Commerzbank SYZYGY Zühlke Engineering


"It felt like screenwriting. So much fun!"

"Creating concepts with this system inspires and pushes thinking!"

"Great technique to boost team cohesion."