I help companies to design human-friendly product experiences.


Hi here, this is Enes, Head of Experience Design at Candylabs in Frankfurt. I am digital at heart, and therefore I help companies to make complex digital products and services accessible for everyone. In the process, I am building a human-centered design culture from within. For big & small clients. Across various industries.

By the way, I am holding a bachelor's degree in Interactive Media Design and a master's degree in Creative Leadership, awarded by the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and Cork Institute of Technology.


I conduct a detailed analysis of your interface to identify the strengths and weaknesses. My report contains detailed findings and recommended ways for optimizing the user experience and meeting business goals. But working with me can be quite and intense experience, for sure. I question things and favour the constructive exchange of views. Because I believe that outstanding design is the result of eliminating absurd gaps.

I work with your team to evaluate how well your web or app content is organized, structured, described, and designed. The report includes a prioritized list of recommendations for helping you statisfy user requirements.

I make sure your digital product or service is easy to navigate and the content is discoverable. Through human-centered design approaches, I spot problem areas and identify opportunities for improvement on your interaction concept and interface design.

I help your team to reframe, imagine, or combine different perspectives in order to face your design challanges. My approach apply a research-driven systematic approach to collecting data so that the recommendations are based on evidence.



I am ecstatic and honored to be featured in the German press and landed some big conference stages in Germany to talk about Design, Storytelling and New Media.


Hendrik Sommerfeldt and I organize and host the Frankfurt chapter of IxDA – Interaction Design Association. Every Spring, we invite Frankfurt's designers to come together and discuss the future of Interaction Design.


Since 2015, I am part of the NODE Forum for Digital Arts, which is a media arts festival in Frankfurt that shows artistic positions and develops visions of how to use future technologies. It is a week long creative exploration and open exchange with creative coding workshops, AV performances, artist talks, engaging debates and a carefully curated exhibition featuring international artists.


I've developed the Interaction Design Kit in 2016. It is a Storytelling approach to apply narrative patterns on interaction concepts. Since then, I am researching in the area around Storytelling and constantly improving the technique.


I am here to help.

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